About Us

Siódmy Talent - Who are we?

We are a cosy psychotherapy and personality development centre in Warsaw’s Mokotów district.

We offer psychotherapy for adults and children, coaching and personal development workshops. We also design self-development programs / trainings for employees of companies and organizations.

Within the framework of the public, we promote widely understood education for mental health, personality development and improvement of  the quality of life. We publish articles to popularize  psychological knowledge  and we organize free lectures and other community building events.

We belong to the Polish Association of Process Psychology (PTPP) which is part of the Polish Council for Psychotherapy. Our point of reference is  process work psychology. At the same time, based on our experience gained from working with clients and clinical groups we draw from other psychology currents and methods.

As a team we are connected by interests, creative approach to the world and above all the conviction that psychology and its practical applications, psychotherapy and personal development are important ways to transform ourselves and the world around us.

Why SiódmyTalent?

Siódmy Talent – Seventh Talent, is something that all of us need currently  for our development. Each of us finds it individually. For each of us it can be completely different thing, decision or skill. We know that it is worth heading out to search, without knowing where the way will lead us. By working with our clients we are convinced that the presence, attention and exchange of experiences with others in very helpful in this journey.

Visit  us if you:

  • need consultation, advice or psychological support
  • are looking towards the development and inspiration
  • are experiencing stress, difficulties in personal or professional life
  • are in crisis due to a sudden change or loss (e.g. work, relationship, a loved one, health)
  • want to live better with others and others want to live better with you
  • find yourself in front of an important decision
  • want to get to know yourself more,  discover your capabilities, beliefs, values and what is important to you.


Each of us has a different talent. Sometimes it takes just a moment to get to know it and know who we are and how we want to develop. Sometimes, however, we need to spend a little more time and effort to find our talent. The discovery of the right direction is usually the beginning of our journey. Sometimes we digress but every experience can be learning. To realize our unique talent in the world we need self-confidence, perseverance and patience. We also need others to be able to get to know ourselves, get support and find inspiration for further development. The space to which we invite you was created for this purpose. Seventh Talent is a project that was created from our common passion for learning, learning about ourselves, others and the world.


“Arrows and bow are tools and resources. Archer is someone who in order to achieve the goal,  should properly use funds. Noble man lies measures in his own person. He is waiting for the right  time and then acts. How could then anything go wrong? He acts and he is free. So it is, with a man who acts, having prepared the core.”