Horse Assisted Process Work

HORSE ASSISTED PROCESS WORK (HAPW) – is an original, innovative working method, which is a combination of Horse Assisted Education of Psychology of Process Work. We look at the experience with horses hrough the prism of the theory of process work. We look at the close and distant processes with respect to our identity, we wonder how these processes manifest in our lives, we discover what direction chooses our development process. Exercises with horses allow you to experiment with a new perspective and new behaviours in the real relationships and situations. Right away, we can also monitor response of  other creatures. We can experience the change of mind and perspective taht resonates in contact with horses. Working with horses in a unique way, you’ll experience the so-called field.  Horses “guide” us thanks to their unique empathy and sensitivity to nonverbal signals that we send and enable us to have   profound emotional and cognitive experiences. HAPW by including Process Work Psychology reflects on the experience learned from exercises with horses, allows easier assimilation of this experience, expanding the field of our consciousness and therefore work on many areas of our lives.

Areas of application:

  • Development of self-awareness and a good relationship with oneself
  • Development of sensitivity in relationships with others
  • Development of environmental awareness and respect for nature
  • Therapeutic work on individual problems
  • Work on relatioship conflicts and problems (e.g. couples and small groups)
  • Work on building relationships and their development (e.g.  pairs and small groups)