Coaching is a method of psychological work, the aim of which is rapid, significant and lasting improvement of person’s effectiveness as well as in personal and professional life. Coach’s purpose  is to work on client’s issues so  that the client can develop their full potential in the way they define it. Coaching is a process which main aim is to strengthen the client  and support them in a stand-alone decision and change  based on their own findings, conclusions and resources. Depending on the area of work coaching  is distinguished by different types such as: Personal or Life coaching, Professional, Career, Managerial, Health, Education, Language coaching.

What distinguishes coaching?

1.Client  is the resource
2.Asking  questions, provoking client’s  proactivity the coach makes the client use their  own resources
3.Coaching applies to the client’s whole experience: the past, the present and the future
4.The client chooses the subject that they want to take on
5.The coach and the client are equal
6.The aims of coaching are change and action

The coaching process usually consists of 6-10 meetings and includes:

• acquaintance, the consent of both parties to cooperate, establish order, explain the methods
• work on further  aims and objectives deepened by homework, constant monitoring of the effects and work style verification
• summary of coaching, feedback, evaluation of end effects, discussion about  the perspectives for the client’s further  development